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FLV Audio Recorder License (FLVAR + media server files + key)...$95
sources (.fla files, optional)*...............................................................$199

*the source files can be purchased later at any time!

What you get:

How you get it:

Download link sent via email right after you complete the purchase.

Purchase Services:

1) Media Server Installation Service

We can install and configure AMS, Red5 or Wowza for you on your own dedicated server or virtual private server for $99/installation.

Once we finish we will send you a report including start/stop/restart instructions, location of certain files (logs, videos, etc...), how to check if the server is running, etc... .

Red5 for example is notoriously hard for a non-technical to install and setup correctly with various installation instructions scattered across the Internet.

Media Server Installations are generally done in 12-48 hours.

2) Additional Installation

With every purchase of FLVAR you get a free installation done by our developers.

Should you need to reinstall the FLVAR software in case of a server change, web site move, new FLVAR update, etc... we can do it for you!

FLVAR installations are generally done in 6-48 hours.

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Contact Us

Contact us

This audio recorder is developed by NuSoft, a small company from Romania. Here is how to contact us:

By email:

You can also follow us on twitter or read our blog.



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Some quotes from our gr8 customers:

Your audio program rocks! It's working well right now on Networked Recruiter.

Travis from

Absolutely top product! Shame Flash doesn't have this kind of functionality without a media server - we develop solutions for the radio industry and this is right up our street!

James from

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