What is it?

A Flash audio recorder for your web site. You can buy it today (or request a trial) and install it on your own web site for your web site members to use. Check out the requirements first though!

Why it's good:

(see also requirements and how it works)


(see also features and how it works)
  1. A web site where to upload the audio recorder.
  2. Php, Asp or Jsp for the server side api.
  3. A media server to handle the audio recording. You have 3 options:
    • Red5 (free and open source) installed on a VPS, cloud or dedicated server. Red5 0.7, 0.8 or 1.0 RC1 ONLY, Red5 0.9.x is NOT supported.
    • Adobe Media Server (commercial) installed on a VPS, Amazon EC2 server or any other cloud server.
    • Wowza (commercial) installed on a VPS, Amazon EC2 server or any other cloud server.
  4. Chrome 60 will only allow microphone access on https websites so you will need a SSL Certificate for your website for FLVAR to work in Chrome 60+ .

How it works:

(see also features and how it works)
  1. You install the audio recorder on your web site and media server.
  2. The user goes to the web page on your web site where the audio recorder is located/embedded and starts recording.
  3. The audio recorder grabs raw audio from the mic, encodes it and streams the encoded data to the media server.
  4. The media server saves the incoming data in a .flv file. This .flv file can be played back later directly from the media server via streaming or moved to a web server for delivery via http (download & progressive download playback).
  5. The name, size and other info about the new recording is sent to the JS, Php, Asp and Jsp API's (to be saved in a database, etc...).

I want to try it first, give me a 15 days trial for my web site!

You can get a 15 days trial if you fill out this form .

Have any questions?

Check out the FAQ or send us an email at contact@flvar.com.

Contact Us

Contact us

This audio recorder is developed by NuSoft, a small company from Romania. Here is how to contact us:

By email: contact@flvar.com

You can also follow us on twitter or read our blog.



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Some quotes from our gr8 customers:

Your audio program rocks! It's working well right now on Networked Recruiter.

Travis from networkedrecruiter.com

Absolutely top product! Shame Flash doesn't have this kind of functionality without a media server - we develop solutions for the radio industry and this is right up our street!

James from ignisio.co.uk


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